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About Magdalena

Magdalena Donahue is a two-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier (2012, 2016), a geologist, and mom of two young kiddos (and almost a 3rd!).  Magdalena ran the 2012 Trials while 12 weeks pregnant, and  ran the 2016 Marathon Trials 16 weeks after the birth of her second daughter.

Magdalena ran cross country and specialized in the 5000m at the University of Oregon, where she attended undergraduate school, majoring in both Geoscience and Fine Arts. She is a native of northern New Mexico, and has been living in Albuquerque since 2009. She completed her MS (2007) and PhD (2016) in geology at the University of New Mexico.

Magdalena cofounded Think Ubiquitous, a data visualization and science communication software platform in 2014, and now spends much of her time creating software, using technology to teach science, and working to find ways to better integrate computation into daily application.

If you’re looking for a running coach, I coach online and in person. Please check out the Coaching page for more information. Please feel free to leave your constructive comments, thoughts, and suggestions for future blog topics.

I’m glad to be part of the Dukes Track Club here in Albuqurque, and am glad to thank Brooks for their support of my coaching. I post daily activities and happenings on Instagram and Twitter this blog is on Facebook: stay up to date on all of my happenings. While you’re at it, go on over to the subscribe via email box and follow this blog!

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