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Each runner has unique running goals. Whether you are training for your first 5k race, want to qualify for the Boston marathon, or simply increase your fitness in a busy life, I am excited to work with you to develop an individual training plan to help you toward your goals.

My background as a collegiate runner at the University of Oregon, a post-collegiate marathoner for Brooks Running, two-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier, and mom of three young children gives me a unique and realistic perspectives on managing high-level athletics, an active professional life, and a full family life.

I work with athletes of all abilities: walkers, joggers, and runners who have goals ranging from gaining general fitness to running a first 5k, trail racing, and Boston Marathon or Olympic Trials marathon qualifying time goals. Based on a discussion of your running history and goals, I work to develop short- and long-term training plans that are focused and builds upon your current fitness. We communicate electronically or in person, and I adapt your personalized online training plan according to how your fitness is progressing. As an athlete in my coaching group, you join a private Facebook page on which we discuss our training and goals, motivate each other, and participate in monthly topical sessions pertinent to runners (e.g., strength training, core strength, injury prevention, nutrition, etc.).

Coaching Options

  1. A one-time consultation (electronic or in-person) where I tailor-make a training plan for a specific race or fitness goal.
  2. Personalized training conducted electronically via email and online training software. This option involves ongoing dialogue, discussion, and adaptation of training plan as we progress to a specific race or ongoing fitness goals.
  3. In-person coaching. For those in the Albuquerque or northern-New Mexico region, I can arrange regular or key-workout personal coaching instances. With this option, you also join the Magdalena Donahue Coaching Facebook group and Strava club.

Coaching is a two-way street: you bring your goals, determination, and enthusiasm, and I bring the training plan and running & racing experience.

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Please email or fill out the form below with questions and for pricing details. I look forwards to working with you as we work to realize your goals. #DonahueCoaching