Trail Etiquette

As a runner, sometimes it is confusing to know who gets to go first, who steps to the side when you are passing someone or meeting another person or group while on the trail. Trail etiquette - another term for manners and processes - are fairly basic when it comes to multi-use trails. In this …

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Podcast fun!

This week I was glad to sit down with Seb on the Running NM podcast and talk about a range of topics from high school running to family to motivations. Check out Episode 42 here!

The Walk-Run

As you know from recent posts, most of my activity lately has been on the walking and hiking range of things. My son is now 4 and a half months old, and after doing pelvic PT for the past 3 months, I have been cleared to do short runs! Nothing like a major run, but …

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Outdoor Activities as a Parent

My husband and I are huge outdoors people. We always have been. Our first date was rock climbing (way back in the mid-90’s). We have grown together as a couple and as individuals as we have hiked, backpacked, and climbed our way around the western US (and Alaska! Italy! Switzerland!). As a competitive distance runner, …

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Divide & Conquer (Part 2)

Last time I talked about our Divide & Conquer backpacking trip. This method of splitting kids to maximize excitement is one of our most successful - if logistically challenging - outdoor activity strategies. During pregnancy, postpartum, or simply in times when one parent is pushing harder (or recovering harder) than the other, dividing kids is …

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Divide & Conquer

Our entire family enjoys being outside. We also have very different ability levels right now: A dad, a postpartum mom, 8 and 4 year old daughters, and a 3 month old baby.  This summer is the perfect time for us to employ one of our fall-back techniques for outside activity that everyone is happy with: …

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Three Kids & 1 Mom

We have 3 kids now: newly 8 years, 4 years, and 2 months old. It’s the middle of a hot summer, and the older kids are dying to get out and about. To be honest, the grown-ups are also dying to get out and about in the woods. However, we have two big logistical issues: …

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Summer Day Hiking: What to Bring

What to bring, or, What I Brought My girls and I decided we’d take a few hours to explore a nearby trail loop, the Cienega-Sulphur Creek Loop this week. It’s a 3 mile hike with about 600 feet of elevation change, starting around 7250 feet. The biggest draws for the hike was that it features …

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Hiking and Walking Locally, What’s to know?

Social distancing and continued coronavirus concerns have prompted many to turn to walking, hiking, and running/trail running for exercise as gyms and other group exercise activities remain off limits.  Spending time in nature hiking, walking, or running is a great way to move your body out of work-from-home pose, get some exercise, get away from …

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We’re back (slowly!)

It's been a few months since I've posted here, and what a tumultuous time it has been. Our son was born in late May, healthy and well; he is thriving as we move into his second month, in a record hot summer. Newborn life is a whirlwind and a cocoon. As usual after a new …

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