The Training Journal Part 2: Beginning Training Analysis

The goal of tracking and monitoring your training data and results is to increase your training effectiveness and efficiency. Over the past 2 weeks, you've hopefully been getting into the habit of entering your training into your journal. With (potentially) just two weeks of entry, you can already begin to see valuable information about your …

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Fall Project: The Training Journal

Fall marathon season is upon us, and many runners are in the midst of their heavy training cycles. One must balance mileage, training paces, proper nutrition, adequate rest and recovery, and maintain motivation to succeed. One of the lesser-talked about tools in the runners' toolbox is the training journal, the utility of which I'll be …

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It’s been a long winter

Summer is here. Summer usually brings the first real racing of the year (for those of us not running spring marathons).  I had planned on running a handful of April, June, and July races. I say 'had' in past tense, as I have scrapped my planned racing calendar after the reality of months of inconsistent training overcame …

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Knuckle Lights review

It's November.  Winter is coming: it’s getting cooler and mornings are getting darker. Much of my training is done in the early morning, in the quiet hours before children awake and work obligations flood my calendar. I spend most of my training time alone, logging miles, winding a solitary path through the streets and trails …

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I’m a “Professional Runner,” I promise

This morning I ran, came home, and changed into yoga pants and a hoodie sweatshirt. I stretched for about a millisecond, scarfed down some tea and a crumpet (yes, I eat crumpets: with jam), made breakfast, dressed my two daughters, got one of them ready for her preschool field trip to a local pumpkin patch, took …

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Beat the Heat – and work on your 5k racing PR!

Summer is almost here, and I'd like to invite you to join the Beat the Heat summer training program! This is a group for walkers, runners, or joggers or all abilities and history, we're working to gain fitness and have fun over this summer as we work toward racing the Rio Grande Half Marathon/5k in August. Send …

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2015: Year of the Scenic Detour

As 2014 was drawing to a close, I was in a frantic routine of working to finish my PhD, applying for the grueling academic job market, and putting in long miles in the dark winter mornings of New Mexico. On those quiet, solo headlamp-lit morning runs, I found myself eagerly looking forward to 2015 as …

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Fall is coming….

Fall is on it's way to New Mexico! This is heralded by two key changes: 1. When I get up to run at 5AM, it's now fully dark. Thankfully, I've had the Harvest Super Moon to light my way the past week, but that light is starting to fade.... 2. I wake up and it is …

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Confidence is Contagious

A few weeks ago, I stepped off the trail in the dark one morning as a dog came barreling down out of nowhere.  I jumped away from the dog into the arroyo I was running next to, landed hard, and felt my hamstring take all my weight. Luckily, the owner was not far away, but …

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Running Basics Clinic

Come join me at the Erna Ferguson Library Saturday March 22 at 3:15 pm to talk about running basics, nutrition, tips for starting and planning a running/walking/jogging routine and lots of Powerbar freebies! #PBTE, #runhappy, @brooksrunning, #runtips