Hiking: How to Pack your Pack

How to keep all the odds and ends in order, and accessible when you need them? When packing your backpack, put the heaviest items closest to your spine.

Trail & Backcountry Navigation

There are many digital tools we use today to help us find our way around the wilderness. However, basic map and compass knowledge can help to navigate confidently in the outdoors and in the event of battery failures.  Basic Navigation Steps: Know how to use a topographic ("topo") map. Topographic lines mark lines of equal …

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Summer Trip Dreaming

Looking ahead out of the depths of winter: Summer trip dreaming has me looking for new places to explore and old favorites to revisit.

Bear safety on the trail

Bear sitings can be exhilarating and exciting, and can offer wonderful and unique opportunities for seeing wildlife in action. With a little awareness and preparation you can enjoy yourself confidently in bear country!

Divide & Conquer

Our entire family enjoys being outside. We also have very different ability levels right now: A dad, a postpartum mom, 8 and 4 year old daughters, and a 3 month old baby.  This summer is the perfect time for us to employ one of our fall-back techniques for outside activity that everyone is happy with: …

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Staying busy, staying sane (while not running!)

The weeks since my last post, where I talked about discovering I had a metatarsal stress fracture have flown by. I have not been running, but I have been cross training. I spent the first 3-4 weeks of injury diligently and vigorously cross training, and felt pretty awesome. However, I soon succumbed to what I …

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