Summer Running!

It’s hot outside! Many runners are beginning or are in the midst of training for fall marathons and races, and bringing more miles into training when in the midst of summer heat and humidity can present a challenge to new and experienced athletes alike.  My top four tips to keep the you mind and body …

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Looking at your first race this spring or summer?

I was so glad to talk with the folks at SuperFeet about running your first marathon. Check out these tips and get ready for spring and summer racing!

Spring running!

If you’re like me, the longer days and warmer temperatures have me itching to be outside and running.  Spring races are popping up on the calendar left and right, and the long-term thinkers are outlining their fall marathon schedules. Spring is an awesome time to be training - we’re out of the icy, dark months …

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January = Cold(s)

January has been cold for me. As in, one cold after another. It’s hard to avoid illness with two small children who seem to pick up every germ around from friends, school, and play school. While our house has happily avoided major illness, these smaller, but still vicious and surprisingly long-lived sicknesses keep me on …

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The Training Journal Part 4: Training Troubleshooting & Goal Setting

As we round out our 4 part training journal focus, and, as we approach the end of the year, it is common to use this time not only in holiday excitement, but also as a period to look back over the year, find highs and lows in our athletics, professions, and lives. We have in …

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Giving my training log some love

Visiting with this dear friend (my training log) to assess the week's work, and strategize for the week ahead. The year has been plagued by injury and illness, but this past month has seen some serious progress. I'm excited, since I finally am at the stage where running feels good *most* of the time! And …

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This summer, my running goals were to return to running consistently and to build mileage while paying attention to my running “pre-hab” & rehab exercises. As it turns out, plans shift and I’m now wearing a [very fashionable] splint shoe on my left foot, and haven’t run a step in 10 days. I have had …

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USATF Coach Certified!

I'm excited to announce that I'm now certified by the USA Track & Field (USATF) as a Level 1 Coach! Classwork, study, and the worlds' longest online exam are done and I'm officially one grade up. I'm happy to be expanding my education and am happy to be also pushing my coaching experience to include ultra-running …

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Women’s Running Group – this weekend!

Hi Runners & Walkers - let's meet at the Abq Biopark at 8:30 this Saturday for an hour of walk-running and visiting. More information is at the Facebook site. Hope to see you this weekend!

Abq-area women’s running community

Join me and other women, moms & moms-to-be for an hour of walking, running, and discussion. Building athletic activity into a busy schedule can be daunting, especially as mothers. Come by yourself, bring your child(ren), or bring a friend. Want more information? Fill out the form below or message me on Facebook.