How to Plan My Hiking Route Part 4: Logistics

Logistics are the small but critical things that go into a hiking trip. These include permits, trail conditions, trail/area closures, fire awareness, transportation, weather, and communication.

Summer Day Hiking

What to bring, or, What I Brought My girls and I decided we’d take a few hours to explore a nearby trail loop, the Cienega-Sulphur Creek Loop this week. It’s a 3 mile hike with about 600 feet of elevation change, starting around 7250 feet. The biggest draws for the hike was that it features …

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10 Years of Bun on the Run!

I wrote my first blog post here 10 years ago. I had qualified for the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials, was a newly signed Brooks athlete, and found out I was pregnant just over a month before the race. I was having a rough first trimester and was looking for running mother inspiration - check …

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Colorado Rocks Book Cover

Colorado Rocks: PUBLISHED!

Hello Readers - and Runners! I published a book! It's been a minute since I last wrote about running progress. The fall has been exceptionally busy, full of a new school, a toddler in day care, and of course, being on tenderhooks with an ongoing pandemic. Books: Let me say it again: I published a …

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Poisonous Plants

No one wants to come back from a hike covered in itchy, blistery skin simply because they brushed up against a poisonous plant. These plants here are common throughout North America and can be potently irritating year-round. Some basic awareness of what the plants look like goes a long way to steering clear. The Big …

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Hiking during Hunting Season

Fall is often a favorite time of year for hikers: cooler temperatures, glorious foliage, clear air all pull us out the door and into the woods. September, October, November, December, and January are also hunting seasons for deer, elk, and other game in many areas of the United States.  Hunters and hikers both enjoy the …

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Running…at almost one year postpartum

Over the past few months, I have been working slowly on returning to running after having baby #3 on year ago last May. This spring has been a series of starts and stops, far from the consistency I usually work towards. What has been consistent is that I am making progress towards running farther and …

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How to Acclimatize to High Altitude

There is no speedy shortcut to acclimatize to high altitude. We all want to hit the trail and get to great heights as soon as possible, however, to get up to high ground feeling good takes patience. So, what is going on and how do we acclimatize? What's going on? Moving up into higher elevations asks …

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Summer Trip Dreaming

Looking ahead out of the depths of winter: Summer trip dreaming has me looking for new places to explore and old favorites to revisit.