The Training Journal Part 2: Beginning Training Analysis

The goal of tracking and monitoring your training data and results is to increase your training effectiveness and efficiency. Over the past 2 weeks, you've hopefully been getting into the habit of entering your training into your journal. With (potentially) just two weeks of entry, you can already begin to see valuable information about your …

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Knuckle Lights review

It's November.  Winter is coming: it’s getting cooler and mornings are getting darker. Much of my training is done in the early morning, in the quiet hours before children awake and work obligations flood my calendar. I spend most of my training time alone, logging miles, winding a solitary path through the streets and trails …

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Confidence is Contagious

A few weeks ago, I stepped off the trail in the dark one morning as a dog came barreling down out of nowhere.  I jumped away from the dog into the arroyo I was running next to, landed hard, and felt my hamstring take all my weight. Luckily, the owner was not far away, but …

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Home alone – with a toddler

This week, my husband is on travel and I am home along with our daughter.  This presents both a challenge and the opportunity for great fun, as this week will be the longest time we've been apart since the babe was born. On the fun side of things, we’ve eaten our - ok, my - …

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New Year Philosophies

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, goals & resolutions are a hot topic as each year begins.  As I reflect on 2013, I know I spent the year “getting back” into many things, including running and academia.  The year was pretty hectic for me, and culminated in an emotional whirlwind of a holiday season during which …

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Staying busy, staying sane (while not running!)

The weeks since my last post, where I talked about discovering I had a metatarsal stress fracture have flown by. I have not been running, but I have been cross training. I spent the first 3-4 weeks of injury diligently and vigorously cross training, and felt pretty awesome. However, I soon succumbed to what I …

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Thinking about the ‘big picture’ takes work

My coach and I have recently been doing a lot of talking about long-term running goals. Broadly, my working goal for my future running is to compete in the 2016 Olympic Trials marathon and distance track events. Wait a second: it’s July of 2013, and I’m thinking about races that are at least three years …

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Color in Motion race coupon!

Hey New Mexico Runners! Color in Motion is hosting a 5k race in Albuquerque on August 3, 2013.  You can participate as an individual, or a team in this hilarious get-color-plastered event.  If you're looking for a reason to get some exercise and have fun with fellow runners, sign up and beat the August heat …

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Sunrise at the track

It is officially summertime! One of my greatest pleasures is heading out the door in the blue-gray dawn to watch the sun rise over the Sandia Mountains to the east of Albuquerque.  As I float through the cool morning air, the sky lightens and wispy clouds turning from gray to pink to gold to white.  …

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National Running Day!

Today is National Running Day! The little one and I got a few miles in early this morning with the baby jogger, and got to enjoy a spectacular sunrise.  I hope you can find time to get out for a run, jog or walk today.  Need some musical motivation? Try this, this or this!Happy Running!