Hiking: What to Wear

What to wear to go hiking depends on where you are, what your conditions are, how long you are hiking, and personal comfort. Hiking Gear: What’s on your back? Clothing is an important part of planning for your hike. As a hiker, you want to be comfortable, safe, and able to move. The two words …

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Hiking: How to Pack your Pack

How to keep all the odds and ends in order, and accessible when you need them? When packing your backpack, put the heaviest items closest to your spine.

How to Plan My Hiking Route Part 4: Logistics

Logistics are the small but critical things that go into a hiking trip. These include permits, trail conditions, trail/area closures, fire awareness, transportation, weather, and communication.

How to Plan My Hiking Route Part 3: Seasons & Weather

Shorts or pants? Sun hat or beanie? The season and the weather can be huge factors in choosing your hiking route.

How to Plan My Hiking Route Part 2: Distance & Elevation

When choosing a trail, think about how long you want to be out on the trail. How much time do you have? Do you have all day, or just an hour or two?

How to Plan My Hiking Route Part 1: Where Am I Going?

How to plan a hike, or where should I go?  A lot that goes into answering this question, including: How do I find a trail/route? What is in the route (how far, how much elevation) What season is it? What are other logistics I need to keep in mind? Today we'll talk about the first …

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The Fantastical Columnar Basalts of the Diablo Canyon Recreational Area

Diablo Canyon Recreational Area is located to the northwest of the city of Santa Fe, NM. Diablo Canyon Recreational Area is known for its incredible basalt columns and is a popular hiking and climbing location, and has appeared in numerous film sets.

Trail Etiquette: Trail Types & Conditions

The beauty of a trail network is that it's always available, and can be used year-round for different activities. A few conditions are worth noting and planning for.