The Fantastical Columnar Basalts of the Diablo Canyon Recreational Area

Diablo Canyon Recreational Area is located to the northwest of the city of Santa Fe, NM. Diablo Canyon Recreational Area is known for its incredible basalt columns and is a popular hiking and climbing location, and has appeared in numerous film sets.

Geology of the Hardrock Endurance Run: a 100 Mile Ultramarathon

Watching the excitement and intense preparation of my runner friends preparing for the Hard rock Endurance Run (and many other!) ultramarathons, I decided that the mix of interests was too much for me: I had to write about the geology of the Hardrock 100 race.  I am a runner and a geologist. I've spent most …

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Geology of the Ironman St. George 70.3 

The St. George 70.3 serves as the North American Half Ironman Championship. The course is a great place to enjoy the colorful and striking geology of the Colorado Plateau.  The geology of the Ironman St. George 70.3 highlights Triassic and Jurassic sedimentary rocks, and young basalts. The triathlon includes a 1 mile swim, 55 mile bike, and …

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More Geology?! Author FAQ

As a geologic writer, I often get asked questions about how I got started, how writing a book is researched, and how long it takes to write a book. These are some of my thoughts!

Echo Park in Dinosaur National Monument

Steamboat Rock in Dinosaur National Monument is formed by the cutting of two rivers: the Green River and Yampa River. They come together right in front of this massive rock. You can camp here! Dinosaur National Monument straddles the Colorado-Utah border. The famous quarry in the Morrison Formation that preserves more than 1,000 Jurassic-aged fossils …

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The Great Sand Dunes

The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is a hiking, photography, and ecological wonderland. The park holds the tallest largest dunes in North America (some reaching over 750 feet in height!), has a seasonally flowing stream, and numerous access points. Biggest sandbox around! Geology The following is an excerpt from Colorado Rocks. Check the …

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Weekend Trip: White Sands National Park

This past weekend we ventured to White Sands National Park. The park is famous for its sparkling white sand dunes, which exist in the middle of the southern New Mexico desert. I'll talk a bit about kid-organization, and a bit about the geology of White Sands.

Be Here Now Sign in fall aspen foliage.

It’s Fall

The best time of year. I'm spending as much time in the woods as I can, catching the changing seasons and savoring the cooler temperatures. This past weekend we did a 'divide and conquer' hike, with me and kids starting a hike in an aspen wonderland, then returning to the car while my husband hiked …

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Colorado Rocks Book Cover

Colorado Rocks: PUBLISHED!

Hello Readers - and Runners! I published a book! It's been a minute since I last wrote about running progress. The fall has been exceptionally busy, full of a new school, a toddler in day care, and of course, being on tenderhooks with an ongoing pandemic. Books: Let me say it again: I published a …

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