Fall 5k Challenge

It’s fall! It’s perfect running weather! It also might be the time where you’re feeling a lull in your training motivation after a long summer buildup for fall marathon races and it’s getting darker and colder. If you’re looking for motivation and in-person or online partnership, join my coaching groups and enjoy an active and exciting fall with coaching, racing, and of course, rewards!


Say what? The challenge:

Step 1: Run one 5k each month for the next 3 months.

Luckily for us, the upcoming holidays have many fun, local, themed (!??) races associated with them. So: You run one 5k in each month October, November, and December, celebrating the season or just your love of running.   There’s no strict rules on what a ‘race’ means: you can race, run, walk, jog, interpretive dance the route — as long as you finish.  When you start the challenge, you’ll receive 3 months of personalized 5k training plans in 1-month installments, and join our Facebook athlete group.

Step 2: Share your race with the group online (bonus if you send us a holiday-themed photo of you racing!) using Facebook or in the Donahue Coaching Strava Club (it’s new!)

Step 3: Enjoy that extra Halloween Candy/Turkey + fixins/Eggnog even more knowing you’ve got 5 km in the books!

What gives? 

Run 3 5ks before we hit 2017 &  you get:

  • Brooks technical t-shirt with Donahue Coaching Fall 5k Challenge 2016 logo on it
  • Box of Honeystinger waffles
  • One mystery gift!leafQuestions/comments? Send an email my way!

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