Spring running!

If you’re like me, the longer days and warmer temperatures have me itching to be outside and running.  Spring races are popping up on the calendar left and right, and the long-term thinkers are outlining their fall marathon schedules. Spring is an awesome time to be training – we’re out of the icy, dark months of winter, but not yet into the heat and humidity that we sweat through all summer. I hope you take advantage of those longer afternoons for evening runs and family walks.


Run fast, don’t miss the turn! PC: Bike Yogi

Speaking of fall races, the inaugural Sandia Crest Marathon is taking place this September here in Albuquerque! This is a brand new race here in NM, with an epic course that runs down from the Sandia Crest into Albuquerque. This large elevation drop should make all you downhill speed-running junkies drool, and the gorgeous scenery along the way is enough to persuade even casual runners sign up. 

I’m happy to announce that I am partnering with Merit Race Series and Elevate PHW and will be coaching the VIP marathoners through 4 months of training leading up to race day. We’ll work to design your personalized training and conditioning program to build your fitness and health through this summer training, and then you’ll enjoy a VIP race experience on the big day. If you’re looking for coaching but don’t want to commit to the full VIP marathon experience or want help preparing for the half marathon or another race/training goal, check out my coaching page and send your questions my way.

Run Happy this spring!

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