International Women’s Day (belated!)

Happy International Women’s Day! Or rather, the day after International Women’s Day.

This is a throwback to last month, when I celebrated my birthday with a hike with a few other moms. Believe it or not, this is how gorgeous Albuquerque can be in February!

Life has many transitions. Some are minor, some major, some sudden, others creep up on you. Finding a community that supports you through these transitions is really important.  There is no larger evolution than becoming a parent for the first (or second, or third, or…) time. The support and resources of knowledge, empathy, and understanding gained from fellow parents is such a critical aid in the transition to (and through) parenthood. 

One thing I have found is that as you evolve as a parent, so do your needs as a parent (emotional, physical, mental, etc.). Just as with kids growth, there is nothing static in growth as a mother (or father), and it’s important to find people who help you gain insight and can act as sounding board to your ideas, worries, concerns and victories. The types of friendships and the individuals or groups will likely change as your life evolves, and your needs and life situation changes. This is ok.

In fact, I believe it’s important to constantly check in with yourself about who you are, and who you’re becoming. Who do you surround yourself with? How do these people help you in times of growth, times of plateau, and times of need? How do you grow your resiliency as a woman, a family member, a mother, a role model? 

This is a huge thanks to all the women who’ve helped shape my life in ways large and small, past and present. I enjoy the warmth and celebration of women the world over, for actions major and innocuous, today and all days.
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