Big News! 2022 Hiking Engagement Calendar & Planner is available

Get your hiking inspiration and plan your trips with the Rough It Outdoors Year of Hiking: 2022 Hiking Engagement Calendar and Planner!

A Year of Hiking is a monthly and weekly engagement calendar and planner packed with fifty-two weeks of hiking inspiration. The year is filled with guidance for goal setting, trip planning, critical skills and hiking information, and hike report sheets. Hikers of all levels will enjoy weekly quotations by fellow outdoor enthusiasts as well as bucket list ideas for their 2022 hiking year. Abundant space is provided for trip planning, reflection on trips, and strategizing for future outdoor adventures.

Each month has important skills outlined and illustrated in friendly way. Strength and endurance training suggestions are included to get you prepared for a year of Want to know when the next full moon is for your overnight trip? It’s got it! Need room to plan out your day? Lots of room for that, too! Want some bucket list or challenge ideas for your outdoor adventures? This planner gives you some ideas to start with and provides space for you to grow your own thoughts.

Just a little peak into some of the pages!

Please check out the book and support the continuation of this blog!

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