It’s Fall

The best time of year. I’m spending as much time in the woods as I can, catching the changing seasons and savoring the cooler temperatures.

This past weekend we did a ‘divide and conquer’ hike, with me and kids starting a hike in an aspen wonderland, then returning to the car while my husband hiked a longer loop up around a ridge-line. We drove around to the end point, where we hiked a mile or so at toddler/exploration pace, until my husband met us. We hiked the last mile and change together, with the toddler passed out asleep in the backpack.

Apart from hiking, I’m also working on a book on New Mexico Geology. If you’re keen, check out my previously published book on the amazing geology of Colorado! (Head to the shop to get a signed copy!) I love sharing the amazing stories behind landscapes, and this book is a labor of love.

I hope you are also enjoying the changing seasons!

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