10 Years of Bun on the Run!

I wrote my first blog post here 10 years ago. I had qualified for the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials, was a newly signed Brooks athlete, and found out I was pregnant just over a month before the race. I was having a rough first trimester and was looking for running mother inspiration – check the post out for what I found! In the years since, I’ve documented the ups and downs of training and returning to high level racing, pregnancy and postpartum running, bringing our three children into our active lifestyle, and the work of blending motherhood with professional life. I’ve experienced injury, changes in focus, and so much fun along the way.

Top Five from the last decade

I had a fun time looking back over the most popular posts of the last decade, and wanted to share the five articles that many of you have enjoyed.

1. Crack! Stress Fracture information

This post, about a post-partum stress fracture experienced just as I was returning to training after having my first daughter. Interestingly, though it healed quickly and cleanly, the foot aches to this day when I’m ramping up mileage or have overdone it on a hike.

Pretty clear here that something is wrong with the left foot!

2. Olympic Trials Stats

We runners like information! This breakdown of the 2020 Women’s US Marathon Trials field was also a big hit. Let’s be honest: who doesn’t love to geek out about qualifying times in what was an historically large marathon field! This is extra exciting to think about given the much tighter standards for the upcoming 2024 races.

3. Runners value their community

The runner moms in my life are so important to keeping me motivated and moving forward, and I know that my running community has made my life as a growing and evolving runner and parent much richer and wonderful.

4. My 2016 US Olympic Trials recap

At this point I had two children, having delivered my second daughter just over 3 months prior to the 2016 Trials. This race experience was unreal, from driving overnight straight through from Albuquerque to LA (props to my husband who drove most of it), breastfeeding on the walk to the start line, to the supportive moms I met at and during the race.

Getting ready to head to the start line, family in full force. Daughters are 3 years and 3 months old.

5. How we see ourselves and others is important

Rounding out the top 5 is a discussion that’s always evolving, and that is how we as a society perceive and talk about active women during pregnancy. I’m glad that I think public opinion has shifted a lot since I wrote this post; I know women often struggle with how they feel about their changing bodies. Social media has exploded in the last decade, opening up great opportunity for camraderie and fellowship, but also great opportunity for comparison and self-doubt.

As Bun on the Run goes into its second decade I hope to continue to evolve topics and dialogue! Do you have anything in particular you are interested in hearing about? Drop a comment below or send me a note!

Enjoy your running and more from me soon!

2 thoughts on “10 Years of Bun on the Run!

  1. Myrriah

    You’re too amazing!! Congrats on a decade of blogging, three beautiful kids, a strong marriage, and still being the best runner I know!!

    1. magdalenadonahue

      Thank you! This has been a decade full of excitement, growth, and most of all, change! It’s an amazing world to explore through! Congrats on your own adventure, too 🙂

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