Running Through The Second Trimester

‘How has running changed over the past few months?’ and ‘How is running during this pregnancy different from your first?’ seem to be two common questions I’ve been hearing lately. To talk about the first: Running has changed a lot! After finding out I was pregnant, I actually spent most of my first trimester (or, …

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Dad keeps Mom running, and our active family takes teamwork

I have big goals for my running over the next few years.  However, my approach and philosophy has undergone a change: I am no longer quite the same very nerdy girl who wakes up dreaming of the Olympic Trials at 4:45 to get my mid-week long run in before going to spend 12 hours a …

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Beginners Running Q&A seminar!

Hi Folks, I'd like to invite you all to an Intro to Running Clinic coming up Saturday, February 2, 1-2:30pm at the Albuquerque North Valley Public Library! Come for a discussion about how you can start running this year, have your questions answered, and meet other new runner friends!