Baby-assisted strength training – Part 1

For a fun – but effective – twist on strength training, I have crafted what my husband has dubbed the “Med-Ball-Baby Workout.”  Wait! Before you gasp thinking I’m tossing my 6-month old baby about in the air, let me assure you: I am not chucking the baby around, but I am using her (not insignificant!) …

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Baby-assisted fitness

Plank position is no big deal for the little one! Trying to find time to get to the gym for a weight workout can be tough with a baby around. Some creative adjustments, a (mostly) willing baby and a sense of humor can make for a great full body strength routine. Check back with us …

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Plans, interrupted: there’s a new boss in town

This past weekend, I was supposed to head to San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.  My mom, my sisters and I planned to race, enjoy fine dining and a fancy hotel location. John and MariaElena would stand by, cheering us ladies to eternal glory. The goal for the weekend: a lot of fun …

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