The Jekyll-and-Hyde half hour

Spring semester is underway, our little is in full-time day care, somehow it is February, and  days and hours pass in blurs. Today I thought I would talk a bit about time: the half hour, to be precise.  Why a half hour?  It takes me approximately 30 minutes to be at day care, pick up …

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Dad keeps Mom running, and our active family takes teamwork

I have big goals for my running over the next few years.  However, my approach and philosophy has undergone a change: I am no longer quite the same very nerdy girl who wakes up dreaming of the Olympic Trials at 4:45 to get my mid-week long run in before going to spend 12 hours a …

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Baby step resolutions

DAY 1: I watch snow blowing down as the rising sun tints the swirling snowscape as my nearly five-month-old baby rolls around playing with her toes on a blanket next to me.  Normally, I would be out running at this time.  I love stepping out into what my dad fondly calls “challenge weather” and taking …

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