It’s been a long winter

Summer is here. Summer usually brings the first real racing of the year (for those of us not running spring marathons).  I had planned on running a handful of April, June, and July races. I say 'had' in past tense, as I have scrapped my planned racing calendar after the reality of months of inconsistent training overcame …

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Home alone – with a toddler

This week, my husband is on travel and I am home along with our daughter.  This presents both a challenge and the opportunity for great fun, as this week will be the longest time we've been apart since the babe was born. On the fun side of things, we’ve eaten our - ok, my - …

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Thinking about the ‘big picture’ takes work

My coach and I have recently been doing a lot of talking about long-term running goals. Broadly, my working goal for my future running is to compete in the 2016 Olympic Trials marathon and distance track events. Wait a second: it’s July of 2013, and I’m thinking about races that are at least three years …

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