Trail Etiquette: Trail Types & Conditions

The beauty of a trail network is that it's always available, and can be used year-round for different activities. A few conditions are worth noting and planning for.

Trail Etiquette: Multi-use Trails

The best way to approach trail use is to remember to be kind, use your manners, and communicate verbally. A cheerful “hello” and “thank you” to fellow hikers goes a long way in promoting a positive trail experience.

Summer Day Hiking

What to bring, or, What I Brought My girls and I decided we’d take a few hours to explore a nearby trail loop, the Cienega-Sulphur Creek Loop this week. It’s a 3 mile hike with about 600 feet of elevation change, starting around 7250 feet. The biggest draws for the hike was that it features …

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Geology of the Hardrock Endurance Run: a 100 Mile Ultramarathon

Watching the excitement and intense preparation of my runner friends preparing for the Hard rock Endurance Run (and many other!) ultramarathons, I decided that the mix of interests was too much for me: I had to write about the geology of the Hardrock 100 race.  I am a runner and a geologist. I've spent most …

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Geology of the Ironman St. George 70.3 

The St. George 70.3 serves as the North American Half Ironman Championship. The course is a great place to enjoy the colorful and striking geology of the Colorado Plateau.  The geology of the Ironman St. George 70.3 highlights Triassic and Jurassic sedimentary rocks, and young basalts. The triathlon includes a 1 mile swim, 55 mile bike, and …

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More Geology?! Author FAQ

As a geologic writer, I often get asked questions about how I got started, how writing a book is researched, and how long it takes to write a book. These are some of my thoughts!

Echo Park in Dinosaur National Monument

Steamboat Rock in Dinosaur National Monument is formed by the cutting of two rivers: the Green River and Yampa River. They come together right in front of this massive rock. You can camp here! Dinosaur National Monument straddles the Colorado-Utah border. The famous quarry in the Morrison Formation that preserves more than 1,000 Jurassic-aged fossils …

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One step foward, three steps back

In February, I wrote about racing the Moab Red Hot 15km trail race.  Well, Mother Nature had another idea in mind, and a storm brought several inches of snow and abundant ice to the race course. The race was canceled. Landscape Arch New Plans We ended up going to Moab regardless, and having a great …

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Engineer Mountain

Engineer Mountain, a 12,968-foot peak rising just north of the Purgatory/Durango Mountain ski resort, is nestled in the San Juan Mountain Range, between the towns of Durango and Silverton, Colorado. Engineer Mountain shows off striking good looks, amazing geology, and incredible hiking access. A challenging 13 mile out-and-back trail from Coal Bank Hill off U.S. …

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