Women’s Running Group – this weekend!

Hi Runners & Walkers - let's meet at the Abq Biopark at 8:30 this Saturday for an hour of walk-running and visiting. More information is at the Facebook site. Hope to see you this weekend!


Abq-area women’s running community

Join me and other women, moms & moms-to-be for an hour of walking, running, and discussion. Building athletic activity into a busy schedule can be daunting, especially as mothers. Come by yourself, bring your child(ren), or bring a friend. Want more information? Fill out the form below or message me on Facebook.

Runner Holiday Gift Guide, version 2016!

Holiday Gift-Giving season is upon us! Just in time for shopping season, I've compiled a list of runner-relevant gifts. Run happy, and shop happy, too! Run Bright: Knuckle Lights Winter running is often done in the dark. Stay visible and see where you’re going with Knuckle Lights! Read more in my recent product review.  Even better …

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Outside, Inside

Fall is finally here in New Mexico, and there is no joy like being outside in crisp temperatures, surrounded by the quiet of nature. There are times when I need to escape from the tumult of life and just be with myself, feeling my existing, connecting with the world around. Here, in the chilly blue …

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Knuckle Lights review

It's November.  Winter is coming: it’s getting cooler and mornings are getting darker. Much of my training is done in the early morning, in the quiet hours before children awake and work obligations flood my calendar. I spend most of my training time alone, logging miles, winding a solitary path through the streets and trails …

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I’m a “Professional Runner,” I promise

This morning I ran, came home, and changed into yoga pants and a hoodie sweatshirt. I stretched for about a millisecond, scarfed down some tea and a crumpet (yes, I eat crumpets: with jam), made breakfast, dressed my two daughters, got one of them ready for her preschool field trip to a local pumpkin patch, took …

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Fall 5k Challenge

It's fall! It's perfect running weather! It also might be the time where you're feeling a lull in your training motivation after a long summer buildup for fall marathon races and it's getting darker and colder. If you're looking for motivation and in-person or online partnership, join my coaching groups and enjoy an active and exciting …

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Spring Running & Racing Plans Undone

This spring I had two main races in mind: the Bolder Boulder, and the High Performance 10,000m at the Portland Track Festival. I set these goals because 1) I love Bolder Boulder, and it’s a quick day’s drive from my home in Albuquerque, and 2) I really love racing track, but haven’t in quite a …

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