2015 New Year Goals: A focus on enjoying the outdoors with my family

This year, my traditional resolutions have been replaced with goals. Most of these goals focus on exploring and introducing my daughter to new outdoor activities. Read on and share your thoughts below!

Family running time. Much of my running is very focused and directed, however, I love spending time running as a family. Here in Albuquerque, we’re lucky to have pretty mild winters, so I have been able to get out and go on a few runs with my husband and our toddler. We don’t go quite as fast or as far as I might alone but my daughters enthusiastic response when I pull out the stroller and her excitement as we explore our neighborhood is exhilarating.


Car camping! Pre-kiddo, I thought car camping was for the weak. However, partenthood has put a whole new perspective on camping (more on this in the next blog). Our daughter is nearly two and a half and loves everything to do with the outdoors and with tents. In fact, on cold, windy days, we can often be found in the tent section at the local REI, just kicking it in the model tents. I do not kid. This year, the forest await and our tent palace await!

Discover a new hiking trail. I have my favorite trails, many of which I lovingly visualize turn-by-turn. One of my goals this year is to branch out and to try a new trail every couple months and to explore them with my husband and daughter.

Spend some time outdoors with other moms & tots (dad’s too!). One thing I have discovered as a mom is that my mom friends are incredibly important to my sanity. This year I plan on expanding my outdoor family and reconnecting with my mom & family friends.

Trying new activities!
Trying new activities!

Run-explore a new trail each month. I live in an awesome place for trail running, and this year, I hope to branch out and explore some new mountain terrain.

Winter light on the Sandia Mountains.
Winter light on the Sandia Mountains.

Introduce our daughter to the backcountry: horsepacking! I grew up spending each summer taking backpacking/horsepacking trips in the mountains of northern New Mexico with my dad, siblings, cousin, and grandpa. These summer trips are some of my best memories, and I hope to pass this family tradition on to my daughter.

Spend some time out-of-doors reconnecting with my husband. Our lives are so busy that we forget to take time just the two of us to reconnect as husband and wife. This year, I plan to spend a weekend each season exploring the out-of-doors with my husband; as in, go on an enjoy nature ‘date.’ Snowshoeing, hiking, backpacking, whatever it is, I can’t wait!

Chilling (literally) on a ski lift.
Chilling (literally) on a ski lift.


This is list of a few of the activities I’m looking forward to this year. What are you hoping to experience, accomplish, or explore?

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