Mothers Need Each Other

This is my third pregnancy, and it’s a new and familiar feeling. Each pregnancy is unique, and so far I’ve been glad to be running most days of the week. I’m not running far, nor am I running fast, but I try to get out and enjoy the movement. One thing that has been key to running this pregnancy has been my fellow running friends.
00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20191230140540399_COVERWith all the changes that happen during pregnancy (expected and unlooked-for), there is nothing that helps a mom through this major life changing event than the community around her. My runner and active friends help me through runs that are feeling increasingly awkward, motivate me with their excitement for any/all activities, laugh with me when I am feeling ridiculous, and join in dialogue on evolutions of life, family, running, and every other topic under the sun.  I am grateful for the myriad of positive influence they have on me, and for showing the range of perspectives and approaches to the changes life brings to everyone.
Pregnancy is a time that brings great vulnerability to a woman, and to her partner. If you’re pregnant or thinking in that direction, I urge you to find your support network, and give them a shout of thanks.A strong foundation of community support continues to play a critical role over the years,  as pregnancy is just the beginning of the changes a mom experiences!
Here, I’m with my friend, the intrepid Rebecca, and we’re sporting matching pregnant bellies and high running fashion. She’s at 22 weeks, I’m at 18!
📸: John Donahue
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