I am going to race!

I checked my email just after 6AM after finishing my morning run on a Tuesday a few weeks ago and was greeted by a message with subject line blaring Pikes Peak Ascent Registration Confirmation. My first thought was, what kind of spam is this? Then, after checking my text messages, I realized that my brother …

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Extended Nursing & Co-sleeping in the Time of COVID

t I am constantly surprised by how each pregnancy, babyhood, and now toddlerhood is unique. Some things I thought I would never do (breastfeed for much more than a year, regular cosleeping) is the perfect fit for this time of life and this child. It is a humbling reminder that life is fluid, circumstances are fluid, and we as people are best when we can bend and flow with the changes that life brings.

10 Years of Bun on the Run!

I wrote my first blog post here 10 years ago. I had qualified for the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials, was a newly signed Brooks athlete, and found out I was pregnant just over a month before the race. I was having a rough first trimester and was looking for running mother inspiration - check …

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Holiday Book Gifts – and a Quick Catch Up

Hello Readers - and Runners! It's been a minute since I last wrote about running progress. The fall has been exceptionally busy, full of a new school, a toddler in day care, and of course, being on tenderhooks with an ongoing pandemic. First: I published a book with Mountain Press! Hooray! Colorado Rocks: A Guide …

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Running…at almost one year postpartum

Over the past few months, I have been working slowly on returning to running after having baby #3 on year ago last May. This spring has been a series of starts and stops, far from the consistency I usually work towards. What has been consistent is that I am making progress towards running farther and …

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Trail Etiquette

As a runner, sometimes it is confusing to know who gets to go first, who steps to the side when you are passing someone or meeting another person or group while on the trail. Trail etiquette - another term for manners and processes - are fairly basic when it comes to multi-use trails. In this …

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Podcast fun!

This week I was glad to sit down with Seb on the Running NM podcast and talk about a range of topics from high school running to family to motivations. Check out Episode 42 here!

The Walk-Run

As you know from recent posts, most of my activity lately has been on the walking and hiking range of things. My son is now 4 and a half months old, and after doing pelvic PT for the past 3 months, I have been cleared to do short runs! Nothing like a major run, but …

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Outdoor Activities as a Parent

My husband and I are huge outdoors people. We always have been. Our first date was rock climbing (way back in the mid-90’s). We have grown together as a couple and as individuals as we have hiked, backpacked, and climbed our way around the western US (and Alaska! Italy! Switzerland!). As a competitive distance runner, …

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